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#TeamLDS take on the 10K for Body & Soul

Once again LDS has a team racing for nominated charity Body & Soul in the British 10K London Run. Each year around ten brave runners don the pink shirt in aid of the charity, which assists children, teenagers and families living with, or closely affected by HIV.

This year the team is made up of first-time and seasoned runners, and a few who have competed before. They were asked a few questions as to their skills, expectations and whether they would wear a costume:

What is your top training tip for the 10K run?

Abbie: Start training early!

Alan: Do 5k sprints twice every week to get stamina and speed up.

Richard: Get loads of rest in between training to allow for your body to recover, and eat a lot of chicken Quorn like Mo Farah.

Alvaro: In my home town’s festival I run in front of the bulls. This usually helps to run faster…

Do you have a best time in mind for 2014? 

Matt: I ran 53 mins the first time and 57 mins the second – both for Body & Soul. This time I’m aiming for 45 with as little training as possible!

Abbie: Under an hour. Last year I did one hour and seven minutes on the hottest day of the year.

Adrian: Under 45 minutes.

Richard: My previous run was completed in 44 minutes, so I hope to get 42 min this time around.

Dean: Quicker than Alvaro!

Will you be wearing a costume? Maybe a chicken costume? 

Alvaro: Yeah, why not!

Adrian: Probably not this time.

Richard: I don’t think I can pull it off.

Matt: You supply the costume and I’ll wear it.

Alan: I might be tempted to dress as Forrest Gump.

The British 10K London Run takes place on Sunday 13th July 2014. The full list of runners: Abigail Thomas, Christopher Waite, Dean Beattie, Matthew Millington, Alvaro Morcillo Buj, Adrian Lindsay, James Parkin, Alan Stewart, Richard Esono, Vania Coelho dos Santos.

You can sponsor the team via the dedicated Just Giving page.