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Fresh thinking for every sector

We provide fresh thinking across the many varied sectors that our towns and cities need to succeed, thanks to our broad experience and an approach characterised by curiosity, problem-solving and enjoyment of the design process.

Successful towns and cities rely on thinking that takes into account a complex web of interconnections, including homes and workplaces, cultural and educational buildings, and the infrastructure and public realm that link them. As a studio, we work in mobile teams across these different sectors, thinking in integrated patterns to create value for our clients and communities.

Fresh thinking does not necessarily rely on architectural solutions. Instead, we look at the context of each project and seek to achieve the greatest benefits while expending the least amount of carbon, materials and money. An attitude of curiosity, problem-solving and enjoyment has led to an exciting and constantly evolving portfolio that includes the occasional brilliant idea of our own, whether pedestrian/cycle bridges across the Thames or innovative solutions to the UK’s housing crisis.

Leisure and Education

Residential and Mixed Use

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Public Realm and Infrastructure

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