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Pick of the launch season of JW3 programming

The JW3 opens this weekend with a launch season packed with talks, cinema, theatre, classes, fitness and of course, food. Some of our staff members give their pick of the bunch.


“What better way to start than by settling in to the cinema to watch Hal Ashby’s Harold and Maude, part of the ‘Comedies That Changed Comedy’ season. The Cat Stevens soundtrack is spellbinding.”

Harold and Maude  Cinema, 7.10.13 – 8.30pm 


“Writing a book is on my list of things to do, so Gemma Seltzer’s writing workshop that focuses on the theme of 5am in the city. A great excuse to stay up late.”

5am Writing Workshop: Arts Studio, 21.11.13 – 7pm


“We’ve had the ‘Island bake off‘ which has left me with a raging sweet tooth. I think some of the classes in the demonstration kitchen could help with this. Perhaps the Chocolate Mousse Workshop.”

Workshop Chocolate Mousse : Demonstration Kitchen, 20.11.13 – 7.30pm


“It’s good to wind down after a long day at the desk. There are some great fitness classes but Zumba’s my favorite.”

Zumba classes: various dates and rooms


“Music is well covered with concerts and talks. I’ll go and hear Dorian Lynsky on the art of the protest song”

33 Revolutions Per Minute: All-purpose room, 17.10.13 – 8pm


“It’s got to be Krav Maga, the Israeli self-defence system.”

Krav Maga at JW3: various dates and rooms


Also on the launch programme are talks from high-profile cultural figures such as Kevin Spacey, Ruby Wax and David Puttnam, comedy club Havanagiggle, a series of Jazz performances, adult learning and children’s activities.