'Attendants' - A movement performance on Royal Victoria Dock Bridge - Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands

‘Attendants’ – A movement performance on Royal Victoria Dock Bridge

Last week saw the much anticipated debut of Elin Eyborg and Letizia Binda Partensky’s movement piece ‘Attendants’ on the LDS-designed Royal Victoria Dock Bridge.

The performance was an investigation of how movement can be informed by places that are defined by the city’s time tables and repeating events; in this case, specifically using the Royal Victoria Dock bridge as a giant prop, coupled with the City Airport flight path.

The performance was a part of 72 Billionaires – the MA Performance Making Final Show Festival at Goldsmiths University. There was a week of activities ranging across live art, theatre, performance and dance in characteristically hybrid and idiosyncratic solos and new collaborations.

For more information see 72 Billionaires.


Elin Eyborg (DK) is a practicing architect and performance maker in London. She is investigating how places and performances interact to form active social spaces.

Letizia Binda-Partensky (CA) is a physical theatre practitioner. She is investigating the impact of natural, urban and architectural spaces on the performing body.